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GuideandFun is an online service where guides can offer services and make contact with customers who are interested in their services.

GuideandFun service connects local guides with customers who can get in touch with the selected local guide, order the selected personalized service and make payments for the service.

To become a Guide, you must register on the GuideandFun portal and activate your account. After activating the account, you can add your offer. Once you've done this, our representative will contact you to complete the verification process. Your offer will not be visible on the website until the verification process is completed. It doesn't take long to complete this process and we'll get it done without unnecessary delay.

Anyone can! If you have something unusual to offer and want to share it with others, create an account and earn some money doing it!

To activate the account, you need to use the activation link which will be sent to your email account that you provided during the registration process.

Information about the request will be shown in your panel and sent to the email address you provided during registration. The reservation must be confirmed within max. 48 hours. The faster the better, so remember to confirm the trip as soon as possible.

Yes, but remember that a large number of rejected reservations will negatively affect your image and customer trust, which directly translates into your earnings.

After the trip, the customer will evaluate the service and share their feedback. The more satisfied the customer, the better the rating, and the better the rating, the more likely other customers will choose your service and you earn more.

We make payments via PayPal. In order to receive a payment, you must have a PayPal account. Here you can find how to create one:

Yes, but remember that any cancellation will negatively affect your reputation and customer confidence. If you reject the service, you do not get any money.Please remember that it also impacts your confirmation rate. The confirmation rate shows the percentage of bookings that are confirmed by you. A low confirmation rate may discourage customers from choosing your offer.

It's not essential, but if you have any certificates or qualifications, make sure to list them on your profile.

You can contact the traveller through the messenger located on our website.

Yes, as a person who performs the service, you should make all the tax settlements required by law.

Funds will be transferred to your PayPal account in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Our service does not charge any additional fees for transferring money via PayPal service.

GuideandFun offers the following services to Guides:• a platform through which it can easily acquire customers, manage offers and reservations.• promotions of Guides and their offers on the portal and in various marketing channels, which allows them to reach a large number of potential customers.• help with professional photos and tips on creating unique offers.• managing payments in a safe and secure way.GuideandFun collects a 20% commission on the offers price given by the Guide.

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